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The Salon

The Classy Spa was founded on August 11, 1996 and is a premier nail boutique which offers the highest level of manicure and pedicure services.  We have high quality products and provide exceptional customer service. This makes our nail spa stand out from the rest.


We provide our clients with the very best products which can be purchased to take home to help maintain their unique and personalized services.  

Meet Tiffany

In 1992 I started doing nails as a hobby in my apartment.  After graduating from Jackson State University with a marketing degree in business administration, I went to Nail school to get my license. I have a strong passion for nails, so several years later, I decide to go back to get my instructor license so I can teach nail care and mentor others who shared the same passion. My goals are simple: Continuously educate myself about nail and foot care, educating my clients on how to maintain healthy nails and feet, be the best that I can be.  

Nails and foot care are my life. I'm certified in minx nails design, shellac gel polish system, and a Master Pedicurist.  I attend multiple trade shows and one on one trainings each year.


My favorite slogan is Your Nails Are Jewels Not Tools

Believe and you shall succeed.

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